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 Creating motion picture is our passion. We are drawn to aesthetic art and being creative and imaginative is part of our everyday life. Each one of us has artistic vision and a unique way of creating and telling stories through the art of film-making. From scouting locations, acting and directing, audio production, special effects to video editing, our talented crew are passionate about putting all these elements together to create an exceptional film experience for the audience. 


Stuph is composed of a team of dedicated and talented professionals that havespent years, even decades in the film-making and commercial production industry. From our experience, we’ve learned everything there is to know in the industry from the people we need to know to the paperwork and permits to the artistic and technical elements of filming, down to every meticulous detail of editing.




We are far more than a manpower agency who have thousands of contacts to whom we outsource the job. We are the crew! We are highly skilled, professional film crew who love to participate and collaborate with you to create your dream project here in Germany. We aim to successfully finish top-notch projects with you. Whether the production is big or small, we consider it an honour to help you create your masterpiece.



Time is a resource that filmmakers and producers usually lack. We value your time, and we understand how expensive delays in production can be, especially when shooting on location. Our service allows you to have more time to focus on your project, while we take care of everything else. Just tell us your exact needs and how you want it done and we’ll arrange everything for you. From pre-production requirements to film crew and equipment to full post-production editing, our brilliant production managers and crew can provide you with everything you’ll ever need. 


Our affordable services are customizable so you just pick and choose the assistance and help that you need and we’ll deliver. You call the shots and we help you make it happen.


We Arrange Everything You Need

We provide customizable services that cater to the specific needs of our clients. Our services can range from pre-production assistance and management until wrap up and post-production editing and fine-tuning, and everything in between. Our clients can pick and choose depending on the services that they need and their budget.


Ready to Make Amazing Films?

From small shops, independent musicians, big artists, to international movie production companies, we help everyone with our competitively priced services. We can make your budget work, big or small.If you’re ready to create a masterpiece while working alongside the most dedicated, professional and courteous talents in Germany, contact us now. 


Our services


Our pre-production services cover everything you’ll ever need for an efficient production. Our services may include, but are not limited to:



Our talented visionary team can help you with creative ideas and storyboards if you’re feeling stuck for content.


Location Scouting

We know all the best filming locations in Germany. Just give us the emotion and atmosphere that you want to convey in the project, and we’ll scout the country for potential settings that would fit your needs.


Permits and Other Paperwork

Filming on location may require other paperwork in order to be granted permit to shoot. We’ll arrange the Location Manager and all the needed documents, so the filming will go smoothly without any legal impediments.



We have a wide reach of connections in the industry, we are connected to talent agencies, film and acting schools, and we have a pool of talents that are readily available if you need help acquiring talent.


We manage and arrange everything you’ll ever need during filming. We don’t waste any time, and we aim to make the shooting days run efficiently and productively.


Logistics Management and Support

We manage every minuscule detail of filming. We arrange accommodations and transportation for all the crew, talent and other creatives in the set; we can make sure everyone is well fed, hydrated and happy. We guard the safety and integrity of the set, equipment and the crew.



From line producers, production managers, directors, producers, creatives, DOP, sound crew, production assistants, makeup artists, wardrobe staff and more, our professional crew knows how to deliver effectively.


Equipment Rental

We are in contact with all the rentals who can get you the latest technology in filming. They provide you with so many options on how you want your shots to be filmed. We can arrange 360-degree shoots, drone footages, and various camera, lighting and sound equipment to ensure you have the perfect shots every single time.


We help you wrap up the production set and complete any remaining administrative work. The post-production services can be customized, if you only need help with a specific aspect and you want to do the rest of the editing, we’re here to help. We can also provide full editing service depending on what you require.


Editing Services

We have experienced digital video editors and sound and visual effects designers are equipped with the best technology, software, devices and tools to ensure you produce the highest quality output that far surpasses your expectations.


We can help with other aspects of filming and production that may not be listed here. For questions and bookings, contact us now.  

Just get in touch and let us find out, how we can help you organize and finalize your project in

Germany way easier and to your full satisfaction.